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Hello world.

I guess i should start by saying hello to anyone that reads this.

My name is Kaity. Im new to darkforums, and thought, why not, il post something, about my self! =]

Well im mysterious girl.
I can be crazy one second, then crying the next.
I'm usualy happy on the outside.
I can be a bitch, i probably don't mean it.
I will be a bitch to you if i do mean it!
I can be horribly moody too! (A)
I love my friends, the few and true ones i have.
I would do anything for the ones i love.
I like to drink, smoke (sometimes) and party!
I love to dream.
I have many dreams, and hope to for-fill them.
I believe in karma.. it always comes back and bites you on the bum!
I scream and yell alot... but thats because i can.
I love to write storys and make things up... just because i can, if you like it or not.
I dress how i lyk, i don't care what u think.

I hate people who make me sad.
I hate people who make my friends sad.
I don't like fighting much, unless it's really needed.
I hate people that ruin my life.
I hate people who get mad at me, when i did nothing wrong.

I love meeting and talkin to new people! =]

catch ya!
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