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I'd like to introduce myself. I am a horror writer. I am currently working on a book about a writer who has a sucessful series of books about a serial killer known as the Tattooer. He derived this name because after he kills his victims, he then Tattoos somewhere on their bodies how he murdered them. For example if he decapatates them, he might tattoo that on their back or chest, etc. What the police don't know is that he also tattoos the crime on a part of his body as well. Anyway getting back to the concept. This writer has written three books about this maniac, she calls DOOMSDAY. The Police and the media call him the Tattooer, however she is tired of the character and she decides it is time to kill him off. As she is writing about his demise, people around her start getting killed, eventually leading her to believe that DOOMSDAY has leaped off the pages of her book and refuses to be killed. The endind is awsomely shocking and I will not give it away. I'm not finished it yet, but if anyone would be interested in purchasing a copy of it when it is done please contact me at . The other reason I am here is to introduce you to my sight. It is a sight that offers new writers, lyricist, poets and artist a chance to showcase their talents, with the chance of being signed by book publishers, literary agents, etc. for more details please visit it and visit often. thank you. The Sinister One
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