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HAHA So it's about 30 minutes before i clock out and the alarm goes off in the store.. Being one of maybe 4 people there at the time with any common sense. I walk the store to see if theres smoke anywhere. None to be found. So i go up front and talk to the one person there I "Know" might be on top of it. he mentions the pipes downstairs..
I go down there to see that one of the pipes connected to the main -pressurized- sprinkler system lines has blown out an elbow joint..
It was spewing water from in front of the hair salon all the way to the wall across the lot..

Oh the poor person that owned that red SUV.. Imagine about 10,000 gallons of water spraying over your vehicle ( before they got it turned off ) when the temperature outside is in the teens!!

And the boss wonders why i won't park downstairs... LOL
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