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Cattle Carcass Data Analyst & Advertising Desgner for natural beef company

Each day there's something unique like the department meeting or sending the "harvest schedule" for the following week, and I design ads/order promotional items as needed, generally more in Spring/Fall, but typically:

80am - 120pm
Gather documents verifiying age & natural status of cattle being harvested that day & send them to processing plants (this proves in a BSE scare we can track the cattle)
Examine carcass measurements from past harvests & pay ranchers depending on how much meat the cattle yielded

Lunch/Treadmill or calisthenics in office gym (Yoga &walking on Wednesdays)

Finish processing carcasses & move on to paying ranchers' bonuses/conference calls/enrolling producers in bonus program for export to Asia/ordering cattle ear tags/verifying current supplies of feed additives/desiging ads/misc.

Mail checks for payments processied earlier/more misc.

2X/wk & Sat @ 2pm Drive to PT job @ craft supplies store/freshen make up/eat dinner

Work @ craft store
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