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i work in a video store, i have worked in some form of movie sales industry for the last five years, i get to look pretty, talk about movies, stars and dazzle people with how i can know exactly what movie they're talking about with one actor/actresses name and a brief description of the story line, sometimes all it takes is the story line...i get to suggest what movies people want to see, what i thought of them, and basically have the power over their video enjoyment experience, while getting to disuade them from renting with the guys in blue and yellow.

oh, i get to recommend porn too, it's disturbing sometimes when men seem to have no clue what they want to watch when renting one of those movies, and impressive how many girls know exactly what to rent for their boyfriend/husband when he gets off work...and i never new there were so many genres in the adult erotic entertainment industry. *faints*

it's an easy job with adequate pay that is more entertainment than work.
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