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I was on a business trip once and a homeless man had been begging for money. I was reaching into my pocket to give him 10 bucks, but my co-worker had told me to put it away. When we were clear around the block I asked him why he'd done that. He explained to me in that area there were more than enough shelters- and that my money would just supply them the means to continue drinking or buying drugs.

I've met very few homeless people that simply fell on hard times because life was a whore. People pick their paths and have the choice to go in either direction they choose.

I still feel really guilty though when they look so helpless and awful.

I've incredibly bad anxiety at times and when they come up to my car window asking for money? I freak out. I'm surprised I haven't run one of them over yet. Isn't that illegal somehow? Going up to peoples windows at a highway exit begging for money?
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