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Strange Howdy

Hello there,

So far the sake of individuality I'll go ahead and introduce myself as Anna. I've been into the occult sense I was young enough to read, or show interest in something other than the easy bake oven. Raised Druid, I find my passions venture into educating myself with as much knowledge as possible, playing the few instruments I do, and the occasional trashy romance novel.

Though generally I'm shy on a good day, I tend to be outspoken online and opinionated. I try hard not to purposefully step on anyones toes, though some of my views can be seen as harsh and point blank. I pride myself on being open minded and adventurous, but there are some things I wont eat olives.

I've an obsession with striped stockings, tea, my violin and viola, the Renn fair, the Victorian century, horror movies, reading, writing, and laughing at life.

I think this is about as much as I can post before it becomes an auto biography.

I thought it was previously established loyalty had been flung from the skyscraper of life, and is now smeared across the pavement like a jar of preserves.
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