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I spent about an hour wondering if you can have too many antioxidants...

Then I watched movies in all of my classes, therefore avoiding any work...and therefore going to my film studies' teacher's room...where I spend all of my free time. (We call it the Rev Cave, because the teacher's name is Mr. Revennaugh. He's awesome).

Afterwards we proceeded to film, during which we messed up a shot twice because my shoe fell off.

Then I went to the grocery store, saw my dad, whom I've been avoiding because I hate him...whilst I was there I was also amused by the fact that half of the store brand products were the same price or more as the name brand products.

And finally came home and proceeded to read "The Killing Art" by Jonathan Santlofer. It's a pretty interesting book...but it has weird parts just thrown in there that have nothing to do with the a Columbian drug dealer who is buying the illegal art having a small penis...or the woman selling him the art masturbating. I think the author just wanted to add something about penises and vibrators. Sometimes I wonder about who is qualified to use flavour text.

Finally...I was amused by the fact that nearly no one has commented on this, hence the long reply from me trying to liven things up. Besides, I'm the only one online.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
--Mahatma Ghandi
Start a revolution: Stop hating your body.

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