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actually, i read it all.

something long from you is worth reading, so i stuck it out, and ' lmao'd ' aplenty.

the title got me a few times though, wondering if, you'd come out with anything about some child molester spearing her, and trying to work out which slot to spear her in. though i guess you've got a few years to wait before the Paparazzi get the scoop on her in bed.

and anyway, why didn't someone just leave them on? she'd be good working in a post office, or a zoo or circus. and if she play her cards right, kaufman could give her a part in the next toxic avenger movie. she'd be the most convincing prop Troma has ever seen!

she'd get more opportunities for the press to spew mass upon vomitous mass of story about her in her work. getting fired for squeezing some dude's jewels with her fourth hand whilst making tea and sorting mail in the office. or getting a job in a las vegas casino working the blackjack table, roulette table and craps all at the same time. or perhaps something like winning an athletics race or becoming a crazy ass gymnast or something.

i'd love to have more than two arms. that shit would rock.

[for all you tree hugging types - don't take any of this shit seriously.]

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