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Dealing with the less fortunate?

For some reason, when i'm working men who have no where to go or stay come in and ask for any suggestions, i feel genuinely bad for them, there's only one homeless shelter in town and they're most always full and it's easy to ignore those that stand on the street corner of walmart with their silly signs...but they actually come into a movie store to ask where they can stay.

personally i'm mixed; part of my pride is that if i can do it, why can't they...but this one jovial gentleman that was in tonight, a vet and the whole shebang had no where to go, and was just looking for a place to build a fire...the only places i knew were out of town, after i had to clarify what he meant.

i don't know why i got so frustrated over the inability to help or advise him this evening, but it's really bothering me? *shrugs*
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