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My Car... is FUCKED

so I had a scare last night.... my car (92 Olds. Cutlass) was already about to die, but I was hoping that it would continue to run for a few more weeks. Well that idea went down the drain last night... I went to merge onto the interstate on my way to work when a semi pulling two trailers decided that it was a good idea to merge into the same lane from the other side & there was also a semi behind me. I had several options.

1. maintain and get sideswiped off the interstate by a mac truck
2. slow down get hit from behind by a mac truck
3. gun my engine and speed my way through this predicament.

needless to say I chose option #3... and I am here to tell my story. However my car is not... once I sped up and got myself out of the impending doom my car started shaking and shuddering like it was fighting for its life. O FUCK I thought to myself, I pulled over and it died on the side of the interstate in BUMFUCK kentucky... nothing but horses and rednecks for miles. I knew that if I walked to a farm to use their phone, I was likely going to be shot by some drunk farmer. So I stayed with my car hoping for the state police to see me. after about an hour of trying every so often to get my car started, it finally did and I was able to limp along all the way to work.

All day I have been looking at cars to purchase... and I think I've found one, a 2000 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor its got some serious miles on it, but its big enough for me to fit comfortably in and it has a shit-ton of saftey features on it (for the family)

what do you think?
has anyone had experience with this model before?
I am going to go drive it tomorrow and if I like it...hopefully Ill have it by mid-day.

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