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Flame im the shit, deal with it

ok so i am pretty much teh best person ever, and i am a lot smarter than i seem.

dont piss me off, or i'll piss on you.

dont tell me im wrong, ill prove right.

dont force thoughts and beliefs on me,

i am a bitch.

i say it with pride.

pms aint shit compared to the anger of a bitch

now. a little about me.

i know what i do, and i do it damn well. i will nto be told that i am inferior. i will nto be told that i will fail, i am heavily motivated into doing what i want when i want, and i usually dont give a fuck who i piss off in the course of doing so.

contrary, i am a very nice person, until youhave given me a reason to dislike you.

hugs and kisses.

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