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wow i'm going to have my first guitar recital. though it's only going to be for fun. my teach is wanting me to get use to having me play my guitar infront of people. well i only had that experience once when i was with another teacher and i was in his band for experiment. i was the only girl who's a lefty guitar player and the rest we're all guy's. i sucked at first when i played at the bar. but once when i was nervous and went on stage. i sucked cause of how nervous and tence i was. so i played terribly. the lady in the audience gave me a bad comment. but once when i feeling more confident. i asked if i can go back up there and try it again. second time i shocked everyone and i got a better comment out of that girl this time. so i'm going to have that chance again. at least i learned to have fun first before you go up on stage and play your guitar infront of people. i'm way too shy and going up there to do that. it take's some seriously fucking ball sack of guts. though i had other being on stage experience a couple of time's.. still lots and lots and lots of guts. you have to admire those kind of people for that. cause it's tough...

but no you get nervous period. but with this it's going to be a fun recital and i'm not going to be playing anything big. i'm just going to strum a few cords with other guitar people and the crowd. oh man it's making my stomach become filled with butterflies...

but i'll try my best not to back out of this. maybe this can boost up my confidence level a notch. so yeah this is what i'm thinking about... but it's for fun and it's not a serious recital. everyone is going to be there of all different ages.
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