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Originally Posted by Mia~ow
Here's the place to post your inner most feelings and thoughts. Treat it as a diary, a place to call your own.

What you post here, stays here - no quoting journals outside the Journals forum and whatever anyone posts cannot be used against them.

Flaming within this forum will not be tolerated. Breach of these rules will result in a warning and possible ban. If you have nothing constructive to say DON'T POST!
i thought i should bring up the journal rule inside of my journal. that way if anybody is wanting to be nasty to me inside of my journal and disrespect me all together. i do not need to be physically attacked.
i CANNOT allow those kind of behaviors inside of my journal.

i am not forcing any single one of you people to come in here and read what i write or hear what i have to say.

people will come into my journal for multiple of reasons... with those multiple of reasons that you have in order to come to my journal for. i basically do not care what those reasons are. i want you to know that i accept you full-hearted and with open arms.

i also want the people who are viewing my journal. as well as when they post something back to me out of a journal entry. i want people to respect other people as well. of course as you can tell i want everything to be civil.

just as long as you obey me and fallow the rules. we will ALL get along just fine. if you don't you will get a warning or possibly be banned.

welcome to my journal.
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