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Ending an Ants life: is all life equal?

I saw this posted on another forum. I found it to be pretty interesting. Made me think. Thought I'd post it on here so DF can discuss this.

What do you guys think?


I killed a bug and I wish I could say “I was I wasn’t crying”. Instead, I’m left to say “I just killed a bug. It’s only a bug, but I wish I was crying”. I feel for the ant, but no tears are coming out.

It was scuttling around on my closet door moving quickly. Every so often it would stop and rise up on four feet and feel around with its antenna. It was cute, like a rabbit. I would cry over a dead rabbit. Why not a dead bug? I am so culturally desensitized that all these things are just programmed into me? I ended a life, an actual life. It was just going along and I just didn’t want it there anymore. It was doing its life’s work…what it was born to do. I stopped its life’s work. I stopped a life.

Can lesser beings feel pain like we do? Is intelligence a virus?

Maybe the smarter you are the more intense your life is on the happy and sad spectrum. If we are smart enough to, on any whim, dim a bug’s life, is intelligence great? If we are aware of ourselves as conscious beings, is the ant aware too? What if it is not?

What would living be like from the ant’s perspective? If we do have the gift of living more deeply than an ant is it right to take its life?

Perhaps we as people, given the power of free will, (choosing whether to harm or help) – can choose to help. Animals do not know to help beyond their own selfish wants and desires.

I feel that humanity’s next step up on intelligent development will be as peace loving and spiritual beings. Not spiritual as in organized religion – just spiritual. Humankind has lapsed away from this and into more animal-like instincts and shallow living.
Shallow petty conversations, living life only half aware of the self, and being selfish are really just animal instincts of unintelligence. Animals do not like to share. Humans do share just to see the joy in one another; this is intelligence. This is thinking “I am a person. I am conscious of myself, who I am. Therefore this other person must be a conscious living being too: like me. All people are like me in this way. My suffering is their suffering. My joy is their joy. I can help other people because I realize we are all really the same.”

I guess this whole cyclical idea of thinking comes down to; what about that dang ant? Is its life equal to a human's, or for that matter mine?

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