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Look at all the little pictures in these articles. Do you notice a pattern? Is there anything about those pics that they all have in common?

Here's a great opinion piece...

Looting: Black Days In New Orleans
By Bob Parks (08/31/05)

Why is this happening yet again? Of course the answer is clear: racism. At least if you talk to liberals.

Being one of the millions of law-abiding blacks in this country, I am tired of being embarrassed by the actions of a minority of thugs, thieves, and opportunists that are using the devastation of New Orleans as an chance to get back at The Man. Then again, they got back at the man in Los Angeles, and after certain teams won championships. Black people aren't the only people who get caught up in mob hysteria, but in the latest episode in The Big Easy, we have a starring role.

What's even worse are the media liberals who are falling over themselves to portray the looters as victims.

"People are breaking windows to get into stores. They are breaking open doors. They are taking whatever they want," CBS News correspondent John Roberts said. "Police really don't have the manpower to be able to deal with this. They are trying to tell looters to put things down in place, chase them away. We haven't seen any arrests of looters." In some cases it was hard to tell whether the looting was an act of desperation or common criminals, CBS News correspondent Lee Cowan reports."

An act of desperation...?

Sure it may be desperation because the looters know what they are doing is a crime but they just don't care. When Klansmen refer to blacks as animals, and can show numerous pictures of people of color going from store to store and stealing anything that can be physically removed, how does one counter that?

Where's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where's the condemnation from the NAACP and other so-called black leaders? Why do we only hear justification and understanding from liberals when black people act the fool?

I know... I know. I shouldn't be airing our dirty laundry in front of white people. But I can't stop CNN from showing that laundry on worldwide television.

"The looting prompted authorities to send more than 70 additional officers and an armed personnel carrier into the city. One police officer was shot in the head by a looter but was expected to recover, authorities said. In the city's Carrollton section, which is on relatively high ground, looters commandeered a forklift and used it to push up the storm shutters and break the glass of a Rite-Aid pharmacy. The crowd stormed the store, carrying out so much ice, water and food that it dropped from their arms as they ran. The street was littered with packages of ramen noodles and other items."

It's hard to know what to say when I watch the video of black people, who claim to be victims of racism, running down the flooded streets with merchandise that doesn't belong to them. It's funny that America is constantly called a racist nation. If that were the case, these black looters would be shot dead. Instead, they run away with their ill-gotten booty just to probably later return for more, that is if anything's left.


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