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The warped minds of the wholesome christians.

So tonight, I was watching this documentry on theis family that were having some problems with ghosts.

They live in America, in a house that is supposed to be haunted by a few ghosts. Their oldest Daughter was talking with a ghost for years and stuff. It was her friend or something, she is now in her teens and their youngest daughter is also doing the same. Now the paranormal investigaters were telling them that the women have ESP or something. Anyway, they sent another psychic in there and the psychic told them about a few ghosts in there. Angry ghosts, nice ghosts, a little girl ghost etc...

Thats just the background... The thing that has really pissed me off is, when I was watching this documentry, the family were going to this church and the priest there were telling the family that there were no ghosts in that house... Only one demon and that the demon befriended the little girl to get into the house etc...

The reason this angers me is that he said through fasting and prayer, it would be gone... They did and 'the demon' didn't go away. It angers me to see how fucking warped the church is. Preying on desperate families to keep them coming back to church. It is fucking horrible. The family were beside themselves with fear and then the fucking priest is all like "Well you are being minipulated by the devil because you have this ability to see the demon". Its fucking sick! Now the oldest daughter, instead of accepting and embracing her gift, studying it and understanding a little more to put her mind at ease and give her a better sense of self, She has pushed her gift away and chose to ignore what she has. She still apparently see's ghosts but she doesn't want to know about it.

Just another reason why I HATE RELIGION! Sick fucks! If anything, the only demon minipulating that family is the fucking church. It just angers me so much! Maybe if they actually did something for them, sent them to an expert who would help the family get a better understanding instead of going "We will prey for you, we will drive the demon away with the love of jesus" and all that bullshit, they would feel a little better, even if it didn't get rid of the ghosts or demon or whatever the fuck they want to call it. They need knowledge... Not a fucking church to hide behind, they are sheep... They can't do anything because they won't help themselves....

I fucking hate religion... Fucking warped sick fucks...

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