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Do you miss high school?

Well I've been out of high school for a year now. This is my second year of being out. But I don't now if I really miss high school. Eventhough yes I was the shy and quiet type and I was a loner and I had no friends, except for this one guy I was friends with. But untill I finally met some people my senior year, I started to enjoy high school and then I became an ass clown, once when I got the hang of being with people.

At least in high school you can meet different, and find people to hang out with, and you can always get your self a lover. But it never last though. I've seen a bounch of people going together and then breaking up, and going off to the next random person.

I guess in a way I do miss it a liitle bit. Just didn't like to do school work was all, and I was major slacker. The only time I did work, was when a teach would yell at me to do it and get it done, then i'll do a little bit of it and then i'll go back to goofing around.

High school was mainly like a playground to me. Since I didn't take high school seriously. I didn't give a shit about it, and I was never good at it.

But once when I met people and I became the ass clown, goofing off and being silly as all shit. That part of high school was fun. Think i've only been to detention like one fucking time hehehehe. But eventhough it was for one time only. I enjoyed detention class. Because of the things people would do, once when the teach wasn't looking.

Anyway do you miss being in high school?

At least it gave you a place to go, at least it gave you something to do, at least you get to make friends and find a lover.
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