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This Sunday...

I woke up and called in and told my manager that I have a "really bad" yeast infection. I then went to my friends to drop off his pipe that I'd somehow stole the night before. Then I drive to my friend's apartment to meet up with them to go to the Austin Marley fest. I knock and no one answers, so I figure I'll see em down there.

As I'm walking to Marley fest, a guy pulls over and asks where it is. I catch a ride with him and see a bunch of needles stuck ALL over the dashboard. He tells me he's an acupuncturist. I get to the front gates and find out it's $7, and I only have five. I see an old friend of mine and he immediately tries to sell a wide array of hemp necklaces and bracelets to me. I ask a Jamaican guy with long dreads if I can use his phone. The people I'm calling don't answer, but the guy gives me $2.

I get in and walk around, find my friend and smoke a bit. Walk around s'more and find more peeps, smoke a bit. Then I decide to go home cuz it's hot and start walking back.

While standing at a crosswalk, I see a large group of people on the other side walking toward Marley fest. (I'm the only one walking the other direction) The light turns and I start to walk across and I see this guy's dog get hit by a car. A big group of people form around him while he's trying to give the dog mouth to mouth.

I keep walking and a block later run into some friends, so I turn around with them and walk back to Marley fest...and smoke a bit. The friends I'm with decide to sit with this girl that hates me cuz I got all drunk and talked some shit to her friends, so I leave, come home, and smoke.

How was your Sunday?
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