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Darkforum Convention Uk

Hiya All

Sorry to get on the bandwagon, but while our stateside comrades in arms arrange their convention, maybe it's time we did the same...afterlal we can't let the side down now can we.

About 18 months or so back I started to plan a DFUK Bash, admittedly this was pre-brain tumour so things went a little pearshaped, but anyone is interested is reviving the idea?

Unfortunately the planned venue then (My country house0 has sunk into the swamp withut much chance of renveration so I think we'll be looking aty another venue (any Ideas? I'd say midlands due to mutal ease of people getting there!)

"I've oft been told by learned friars
That wishing and the crime were one
And heaven punishes desires
As much as if the deed were done.

If wishing damns us, you and I
Are damned to all our hearts content.
Come then we may at least enjoy
Some pleasure for our punishment..."

Sir Thomas More
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