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darkforum personals

ok, well, i've decided to start a thread for those of us that need love. it's called the D.F. personals. you put up stuff about yourself, and other people read it, and they make a certain contact with you if they like you! (i'm really bored.)

ok here goes!

hi! my name is tiff. i live in carnegie, pa, just outside of pittsburgh in the us. my hair is somewhere between brown and red, and i have eyes that change between green/blue/and grey. i love music, the internet, cuddling, play fighting, hugs, reading, writing, and tons of other stuff.

i would describe myself as pretty outgoing. when you first meet me, i'm really reserved, but once i warm up to you, it's like opening a pandora's box! i like to have fun, but know when to get serious.

i like people sort of like me, but has the ability to calm my personality a little bit. i also like people that know how to be serious and responsible, but don't take it too far, and can play with me. honest is the best policy with me. i hate liars, and people who lead me on. otherwise, i'm not too picky
is this real? am i dreaming?

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