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Creation Date: 10-15-07 19:44
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  #1 New 11-19-07 19:04
Okay so I blog on myspace but I think this may be a better place for me to blog. people don't always like what I have to say. So I guess I should start from the begining. I go to the academy of art in San Francisco, I'm learing how to design cars. I love cars! but I'm having a hard time like everything elce in life. I'm taking a drafting class and that's the one I'm really having trouble with. grrrr. I usually wright when I'm not mentaly doing so good but latly all I have time for is school. I"m writing a story about me and my friends in the world of anita blake by laurel k hamilton. It's call Moonlight Romance and it's in the storied part of the forum, I haven't updated it but I've writen two more small chapters. I've just been really busy. It happends. I also draw but I dont have a scanner. it sucks I would really like to get my art out there. I love anime. Naruto is my fav at the moment. I think that the only thing I get to do that's really fun and stress reliving at the moment is driving. I love racing my RSX. I need some fun in my life. well everybody does but yeah. I have a boyfriend named Graeme. He's part English. It took a while to get the name down but he's a good guy but I don't know how much longer we are going to be together. He's told me more than once to find someone new. He want to move to LA and I can't really blame him for that one. but We have been together for 3 years now. that's a long time. I"m good with comiting. He has had only 3 girlfiends in his 22 years. And I've had many he wants to go out and see whats out there. My girlfriend of like 20 years (she's just my really good friend grew up with her) thinks that he's stupid and should be happy with what he has. stupid boys. can't live with them can't live with out them. grrr. I'm 24 about to be 25 on the 24th of December and I'm looking forwards to my birthday but getting to that point is going to take alot of effort. I found out that I have to change insurence becasue I"m older. blaa I have to worrie about that too, sorry I'm going off on tangents. well I got to get back to class. computer dafting. blaa.
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