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Creation Date: 01-21-07 23:01
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  #7 New 01-31-07 11:41
My Dear Absentia,

Tonight my sight will flutter and I'll most likely think of you. It's been a while since we've been together and there's nothing greater than the feeling of our skin melting into one another. The feeling of finger-tips exploring your foreign body, caressing, painting an invisible picture across a living canvas. Tonight I'll imagine an expedition on mountainous terrain and deep valleys. I'll climb to the sumit of twin peaks and scale the ridges within your canyon. You'll be my Godess for tonight... My eyes gather weight and drift around just a little, but i'm still focused. I'm focused on you my dear... The tiny translucent hairs protruding from your skin... they stand at attention, reacting to the static electricity gathered by my feet constantly rubbing back and forth on the carpet below. For some reason I cannot keep still...

Your eyes speak a language louder than words and I attempt to decipher their meaning. I see two calm seas of aquatic blue and green with a lustful storm on the horizon. You tell me that my eyes look suspiciously like spider webs and you're trapped within... I'd keep you there for eternity if only I could. Your sweet vibrations, like a fly, caught inside this sticky trap draw me closer and I wrap my arms around you like a cocoon. Tonight we'll feast upon each other like spiders do... your painted black finger nails, like claws, leave their marks within my back, as my teeth sink into your tender neck... My darling Absentia, you are the absence that plagues me and these daydreams no longer satisfy. My bed... this viscid web of mine is cold and empty, but I'll wait patiently for you wherever you are... whoever you may be.
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