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Creation Date: 01-21-07 23:01
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Face in the Mist
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  #4 New 01-24-07 17:27
Today I sat on the beach and witnessed a murder. The brightest of lights snuffed out by a mixture of frigid depth and vast darkness. And in that place where the sky meets the ocean is where our precious Sun silently drown. Pushed under and held until the sky turned black. The Moon's jealousy finally got the best of him. And in that moment the heavens opened up and the Gods began to cry. While most on-lookers sought shelter, inertia glued me to the sand and I let the rain soak my skin. The dark clouds that loomed overhead stretched out like the hand of death consuming every star in the sky. But the Moon still shone through glaring at the Earth like some sort of conquering eye. He takes pride in his victory over the Sun, his influence over the night and the ocean's tide...

While flowers closed their petals to hide from the night and await the day's resurrection I opened my arms to embrace the darkness. The only remnants of the Sun were felt when I finally stripped off my clothes and dove into the water. I could feel his warmth encompass me as I released the air from my lungs like soap bubbles taking flight. As my body sank to the bottom my breath burst upon the surface and became part of the nighttime sky. And there beneath the water, above the crashing sound of waves the Sun whispered into my ear... He told me that he and the blackness of night were constantly at war with each other fighting over land. And in that moment I understood myself... For once in my life I had clarity and only the Sun could understand me. And tomorrow the birth of a new day will wake me from my sleep and we'll start all over again.
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