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Creation Date: 01-21-07 23:01
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Face in the Mist
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  #2 New 01-22-07 23:05
... And out of nowhere the distant sound of what seems like a car alarm. The noise reverberates across the desert, enveloping the sky. Why would a car alarm be going off in such a desolate place? It gets closer and closer, or perhaps it's pulling me towards it. The landscape blurs as if my eyes had suddenly been taken over by some form of intoxication. My right arm turns numb and I can't move my fingers, and my eyes open as if they were closed already. The desert landscape shifts and the pyramids morph into folds of green fabric. What was once a blanket of sand is now just a blanket wrapped around my body and the car alarm turns into the buzzing of my alarm clock dragging my mind, like a wounded soldier, to the safety and comfort of my bedroom.

Dr.[insert name] told me that I should write down what I remember about my dreams as soon as I wake up in the morning. I think he called it a 'Dream Journal' or some other stupid thing like that. I'm sure he wants me to jot down what I remember and bring it in for my next session with him so we can read over it together. He'll ask me "What do you think it means [insert my name]?" to which I'll reply "I pay you for your advice Doc. You tell me." And he'll chuckle, uncross his legs, and lean forward from that comfortable black leather chair of his. He'll rest his elbows on his knees and interlock his fingers. After about 25 seconds of his uncomfortable gaze he'll give me a serious look and some sort of bullshit answer as if anyone can truly understand the meaning behind a dream. Of course I don't know if that's how it'll go down, but it sounds pretty close to me. I think he's going to be a little upset to find that my dream journal has about three entries for the entire week though. Oh well.

P.S. I hate you blog!
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