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Creation Date: 01-21-07 23:01
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Face in the Mist
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In Main Category White.
  #9 New 02-02-07 23:16
The empty walls of this dwelling and the feeling of loneliness painted in white across them. White is a good color for how I feel most of the time. Not quite as empty and endless as black, white at least has a distant glimmer of hope. There's something to be found within that color, but I haven't discovered it yet.


An achromatic color. White is said to contain all the colors of the visible spectrum. White is the color of purity in some cultures. In other cultures it represents mo
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In Main Category Shapeless Boy
  #8 New 02-01-07 14:05
... Devours his surroundings
contorting his face to mimic
the faces on TV
Shapeless boy molds himself
holds himself to be whatever
he deems popular
At the time...
Shapeless boy distorts and
his eyes flicker like candles
when a new trend takes shape
He's the boy you wish to be
who wishes to be you another day.
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In Main Category A Letter To Absence
  #7 New 01-31-07 11:41
My Dear Absentia,

Tonight my sight will flutter and I'll most likely think of you. It's been a while since we've been together and there's nothing greater than the feeling of our skin melting into one another. The feeling of finger-tips exploring your foreign body, caressing, painting an invisible picture across a living canvas. Tonight I'll imagine an expedition on mountainous terrain and deep valleys. I'll climb to the sumit of twin peaks and scale the ridges within your canyon. You'll be
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In Main Category Tangible
  #6 New 01-27-07 01:08
there's a girl whose light is constantly fading, and like a flashlight, i smack her on the behind to see if her batteries need recharging. she flickers as i grasp her in my hand and for a moment she casts shadows on the walls and ceiling... she's a layer of mist hovering above the water. an echo on the wind. she's a siren off in the distance and i want to be the misdeed, the tragedy, that she so desperately seeks. i reach out to touch her but i dislocate my arms. she's just too far... if she ca ...More Read More
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In Main Category Periapsis
  #5 New 01-25-07 17:53
I look closely at my eyes. The patterns within those blue spherical worlds of jagged white lines, like lighting, cracking across a dark blue sky. And that black center like an eclipse with its corona outstretched from behind my pupils in a halo of light. I wish I could get close enough to see the patterns in her eyes. Those big brown eyes like two magnificent black holes lost within the far reaches of space and time. They consume anything that dares to venture close enough and she has swallowed ...More Read More
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In Main Category Rebirth
  #4 New 01-24-07 17:27
Today I sat on the beach and witnessed a murder. The brightest of lights snuffed out by a mixture of frigid depth and vast darkness. And in that place where the sky meets the ocean is where our precious Sun silently drown. Pushed under and held until the sky turned black. The Moon's jealousy finally got the best of him. And in that moment the heavens opened up and the Gods began to cry. While most on-lookers sought shelter, inertia glued me to the sand and I let the rain soak my skin. The dark ...More Read More
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In Main Category Numb
  #3 New 01-23-07 16:18
The Ambulance Sings A Song For Us All...

A car horn sounds and everything turns black! Nothingness... Four hours later what’s left is placed on a stretcher with a blanket over its head. A crowd has gathered to view the wreckage and news crews are finding ways to turn tragedy into ratings. The site of blood and the presence of death has become a form of entertainment, and the collision of two vehicles head-on makes for a great story amongst the children. While those unfortunate enough to fall
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In Main Category [insert entry title]
  #2 New 01-22-07 23:05
... And out of nowhere the distant sound of what seems like a car alarm. The noise reverberates across the desert, enveloping the sky. Why would a car alarm be going off in such a desolate place? It gets closer and closer, or perhaps it's pulling me towards it. The landscape blurs as if my eyes had suddenly been taken over by some form of intoxication. My right arm turns numb and I can't move my fingers, and my eyes open as if they were closed already. The desert landscape shifts and the pyrami ...More Read More
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In Main Category Blah.
  #1 New 01-21-07 23:09
baby fashioned a noose and hung herself in mama's womb. when the water broke it flooded the room and everyone drowned.

except for me...

a child made of mahogany.

one night while mother was sleeping i put my ear to her belly and waited for sister-to-be to kick her feet. signaling she was awake. it didn't take very long... and through the art of morse code i tap-tap-tapped on mommy's stomach telling little sis that this world isn't worth it... so she wrapped that umbilical chord around
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