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Creation Date: 12-20-06 15:21
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Face in the Mist
My thoughts, as random as they are, in one place.
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  #1 New 12-20-06 15:34
So I'm crazy, but I'm okay with that. I'm also content with the fact that I'm a bitch. People like to tell me these things and think that it's going to affect me. (That might be the wrong for of affect, but whatever) It's like, I know what I am and I'm pretty much proud to be that. What a lot of people fail to realize is that I'm also a great thinker. I'm extremely rational in all but a few cases. I really think I should double major or at least minor in Psychology. It really interests me. I already know a lot about it, and it would be easy for me to pick up class-wise. I dunno, I guess I'll check into it and get back to everyone.

~If Chris Crosby can major in it, I'm sure I can at least minor in it...lol
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#2 12-20-06 16:14
Yeah, I think after I calmed down for a bit I would be able to think rationally. As heartbroken as I would be, I would know that it wasn't the end for me and that if they left me then that means that there's something better out there for me. No need to hang in the past because it'll drop you in the future.
#1 12-20-06 16:07
Billah*Bong Says:
so what is your significant other left you high and dry for a cross dressing transexual....would you think rationally then?

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